VLE Flash

VLE Flash 4.01

Ideal tool for professionals in the natural gas / petroleum industry
4.01 (See all)
FlowPhase Inc.

VLEFlash is the ideal tool for professionals in the natural gas / petroleum industry. You can now easily calculate fluid properties, and use the results to size equipment and find dew points .Works great with a standard gas analysis. Now you can use the results of the program to:
- Find Dew Points from your gas analysis
- Calculate the temperature drop across a control or relief valve
- Find line heater duty
- Size separators
- Size lines and pumps
- Estimate compressor horsepower
- Calculate the vapor pressure of your LPG bullet or stock tank liquids
- And Much More!
VLEFlash allows you to select the units you are comfortable with (SI or conventional), and produce attractive printouts of your results, complete with your company's logo! You can also easily export your results to Microsoft Excel® for easy incorporation into your graphs, spreadsheets and reports! VLEFlash also allows you to save and open fluid composition files; get answers quick when you need them! This feature also allows you to string together the flashes in your process.

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